Park Hyatt Jakarta's Surroundings

Park Hyatt Jakarta is situated in the heart of Jakarta's vibrant business, entertainment, and shopping district. Just steps away from the city's cultural and historic landmarks, it offers unparalleled access to the best that Jakarta has to offer. Additionally, we offer exclusive tour packages to help you explore and experience the rich culture and history of the city with ease

Historical tour

Experience Jakarta's vibrant cultural scene, from historical museums to bustling squares. Discover the charm of Jakarta’s Kota Tua, where colonial buildings tell tales of bygone eras. 

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Cultural Tour

Discover Jakarta's rich history with our exclusive tour, featuring three iconic landmarks showcasing the city's diverse cultural heritage. 

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Textile Tour

Experience Indonesia's textile heritage on our exclusive tour. Explore Jakarta’s Textile Museum, witness centuries of craftsmanship, and take a hands-on Batik class. 

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