Claudio Rossi

Executive Chef

Chef Claudio joined Park Hyatt Jakarta in November 2021, assisting during the pre-opening phase in training and developing the hotel’s culinary team to meet the highest standards in luxury dining. He now oversees all culinary aspects for five dining venues and 10 event spaces. 

With 40 years of experience in the culinary field, Claudio’s passion for cooking stemmed from his childhood, as he loved helping his mother make cakes and fresh pasta. He later studied at Italy’s Culinary Institute of San Pellegrino Terme, before being trained in hotel management in Milan. Having honed his skills in his homeland, Claudio expanded his horizons by moving abroad. His first destination was Jakarta in 1992 for an Italian food promotion. He then went on to work for leading prestigious hotels in Manila, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Chiang Mai, Singapore, Toronto and Damascus before returning to Jakarta.

“The Jakarta dining scene is demanding: meals have to be quick, authentic, tasty, well executed and enough to be shared among family or friends. I think that here at Park Hyatt Jakarta, diners can find all of that under one roof. Park Hyatt Jakarta is not just another typical hotel from a luxury hotel chain, we have created something unique, through luxurious restaurant and bar facilities and appealing dining and drinking experiences.” explains Claudio. He says strong teamwork and support are essential for achieving Hyatt's commitment to caring for people so they can be their best.

Johan Kusnadi

Executive Sous Chef

"It all started when my parents decided to send me to Sydney to get a degree in business major. A career in business just never appealed to me. Then one day I got a part-time job as a dishwasher in a decent hotel, just to earn some extra cash. Cutting a long story short, my parents agreed that I could do culinary studies, so I spent three years in Sydney and worked simultaneously. Suddenly, I have now been in this industry for 20 years. It’s such a blessing to have been involved in the openings of four great 5-star hotels, working at one of Bali’s top tourist venues, Potato Head, and having the opportunity to work in Brunei at The Empire Hotel, owned by the Sultan of Brunei. These achievements didn't always come easily. But there is one motto that I always abide by, winners never quit."

Yukio Takeda

Japanese Executive Sous Chef

Takeda began his journey in 1996, culminating in 2005 as a Chef de Cuisine at a popular Tokyo hotel and restaurant. From 2006 to 2007, he held the position of Chef de Cuisine at Japanese restaurants in Hyatt Regency Dubai. In January 2008, he moved to the first Michelin-starred restaurant in the U.K., where offering the highest level Japanese cuisine in London.

Following this, Chef Takeda spent seven years at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and another seven years at five-star hotels in Bangkok as Chef de Cuisine. During these tenures, he was responsible for menu creation, including weekend specials, as well as crafting teppanyaki and KAISEKI menus, and overseeing preparations for Japanese-style dishes. He then joined Park Hyatt Jakarta in 2024, bringing his expertise to KITA 喜多 Restaurant.

“The concept for Japanese cuisine crafted overseas involves arranging ingredients from local farms and the sea to suit the foundational elements of Japanese culinary tradition. I believe that this shows respect for the people of the country, and I pursue new discoveries every day. At KITA 喜多 Restaurant, I create dishes by playing around with the ingredients I learned from other countries and combining them with those from the country. I would be happy if I could think of humorous delicacies that are unique to this restaurant and share fun with customers for creating unforgettable moments.” says Chef Takeda. 

Ali Saleh

Pastry Chef

"I fell in love with the pastry kitchen since I was a trainee in Mandarin Oriental hotel. From there, I started to look for a job in Dubai, which at that time was still the place to learn and work in some of the best hotels. I found myself at age 19 working in Abu Dhabi and worked my way up in the UAE by spending seven and a half years in different properties and hotels. 

Then in 2017, I decided to return to Jakarta and rejoined the Mandarin. After more than four years of working there, I started to think about a new challenge. I found myself moving to Qatar but with the pandemic, it didn’t work out, so I decided to move back to Indonesia.

Then I heard that Park Hyatt Jakarta was looking for a pastry chef. Getting this position is one of the best things that has happened to me, other than the birth of my baby girl. As a pastry chef at one of the finest hotels in my home country, I really am living the dream."

Ardi Indrawan

Chef De Cuisine

"I’m passionate about food, cuisine and all that goes with it. Over the years, I’ve moved from one restaurant to another, from the casual dining concept to the fine dining restaurant concept, from an independent hotel to a chain hotel. I’ve also met with people from many countries, broadening my views on cooking and how to respect all food and cuisine styles. I really appreciate what the Indonesian motherland gives us to work with in terms of ingredients. 

I’m also passionate about molecular gastronomy and artisan style cuisine. I especially enjoy the simplicity of food in its natural form, choosing the best ingredients and cooking methods that represent the harmony of traditions and heritage. At the same time, I am also open to learning new things to discover more about contemporary cuisine, food with a modern touch. I hope I can inspire many young chefs in the next chapter of my culinary journey.

As chefs, we never stop learning and if you have an open mind and heart, then you can embrace and learn from best that this world and its people have to offer."

Dedi Susanto

Sous Chef - Indonesian Cuisine

"After I finished my studies, I found a job as a steward in one of the famous restaurants in Surabaya, the capital of East Java province, and was promoted to assistant cook. Time flew and I spent three years working in that restaurant, upgrading my culinary knowledge, passion and enthusiasm. Next, I moved to Hotel Tugu in Malang, where I learned many things about Indonesian and Asian food. From here, I absorbed much knowledge on Indonesian cuisine. I spent about three and a half years there, first as a Commis Chef and then as a Sous Chef.

I continued my journey in Bali. On the island of the gods, I spent almost three years with Kempinski Bali, before joining Park Hyatt Jakarta as Indonesian Sous Chef."

John Tobing

Bakery Chef

"I started my career in Nikko Hotel Jakarta as an assistant cook in the bakery section, and as time went by, I became more serious about the bakery world. In my opinion, the bakery world really needs discipline and patience because we need a long process from flour to bread that can be consumed by guests. What I like the most about the bakery is the process of making sourdough, where we are required to be disciplined about time, because we are also indirectly dealing with living things that become yeast which we often call (Leaven) or one of the good bacteria. It takes patience and high discipline to produce good leaven results for a good fermentation process, to produce bread that is aromatic and not too sour for consumption."

Food & Beverage Service Team

Discover the team behind our restaurants and bars

Agus Saparinudin

Food & Beverage Manager

Agus started as a storekeeper but found his passion in hospitality. He worked at award-winning restaurants in Bali and was part of the opening team for Alila Seminyak hotel. He spent three years in Dubai, becoming a bartender and team leader. After returning to Indonesia, he joined the pre-opening team for The Apurva Kempinski Bali, where he was promoted to managerial positions. Agus was part of the pre-opening team at Park Hyatt Jakarta and initially served as Dining Room Manager, he is eager to continue growing in the industry. Presently, he holds the esteemed role of Food & Beverage Manager.

Melvern Nathaniel - Beverage Manager

Melvern, an award-winning bartender, brings over 8 years more of experience from renowned luxury hotels to craft innovative concoctions at Park Hyatt Jakarta.

Having competed in Worldclass Indonesia from 2016 and finally won the trophy of Diageo World Class Indonesia in 2023, Melvern combines his passion for mixology with his mission to promote Indonesia's rich cultural heritage through diverse local ingredients and time-honored traditions.

Stop by our bars and let Melvern's perseverance and artistry transport you on a journey of the senses.


Henry Fajar Ramadhan - Dining Room Manager

Henry's career trajectory has been marked by significant roles in prestigious establishments.

From 2014 to 2019, he contributed his expertise at Raffles Jakarta, before moving to Apurva Kempinski Bali from 2019 to 2022. There, he initially served as an Assistant Manager at Conservatory, before advancing to the position of Manager.

Presently, he holds the esteemed role of Dining Room Manager, showcasing his dedication to excellence and leadership in the hospitality industry.

Timothy Rek - Operation Manager (KITA 喜多 Restaurant and KITA Bar)

Timothy's career journey includes many impactful roles within renowned establishments.

He began by managing the restaurant and bars at the prestigious Nihi resort on Sumba Island, where he oversaw operations for the beach restaurant and three bars, contributing to its renowned reputation for peerless hospitality.

Following this, he spent 2.5 years as an Operational Manager at a renowned bar in Bali, further refining his expertise in hospitality management and service excellence.